Gooten now offers a WooCommerce integration for your e-commerce websites!

Getting set up:

  • Required: First, install the 'Gooten Shipping for WooCommerce' plug-in in the admin panel of your WordPress site: This plugin must be installed for your shipping options and shipping charges to work correctly. 

    • Go to Wordpress SETTINGS >> PERMALINKS. Select "POST NAME" under COMMON SETTINGS.

    • Install and activate the Gooten Shipping for WooCommerce plugin.

  • Connect your store to Gooten through a few simple steps (Tutorial Here)

  • Now it’s time to publish products to your store.(Tutorial Here
  • Start receiving orders!

Once you start receiving orders for Gooten-fulfilled products:

  • Check your orders page to ensure your store is connected properly and orders are flowing through.

  • Verify that shipping charges are correctly billed to your customers (Gooten’s shipping plugin is required)

Pro Tips:

  • Your site must be setup using HTTPS. Gooten cannot connect to a site using HTTP.

  • The domain name you enter should match your site name exactly. You can update this in your settings here: If your site redirects, for example, from `` -> ``, you need to connect with ``

  • We recommend leaving Shipping Rules in their default settings

  • Verify that Gooten-fulfilled products on your site are connected to published products in your Gooten account. We will not receive order notifications if products are not linked.

  • Ensure that each product has a distinct SKU name. Placing multiple products under the same SKU name will cause errors when orders are sent through.