There are several things that can cause your products to get disconnected from Gooten due to Etsy’s backend processes.

For the time being, we’ve noticed some scenarios that cause the products to lose their connection with Gooten - it happens once the options for your variants are changed (added/removed) in your Etsy Shop Manager.

Etsy variants depend on their options - if you add or remove an option within the product, in Etsy’s backend new variant ID’s will be created. In that case, the variant ID that was previously connected to your product will no longer be valid/exist meaning the connection between Gooten and your Etsy listing will be lost entirely and the product will not be present in the Hub, but you can use the Link Etsy Product button to connect it again from the Etsy tab in your Product Hub.

Please note that the products will be disconnected in the following scenarios:

1. If you add a new option for the product variants in your Etsy Shop Manager

2. If you remove an option from your listing’s variants in your Etsy Shop Manager. 

   Please note that even if you remove an option and add it again with the same name, the entire listing will be disconnected 

3. If after creating and connecting the listing to us, you click on "I offer more than one" option in "Capacity", Etsy will save it as a new option for the product variant, thus disconnecting the product entirely from Gooten. If you don’t want to make the change, you can deselect "I offer more than one" and no updates will be made. Please check out the screenshot below for a more detailed explanation:

Your products will not be disconnected if you:

- Just update the name of an existing option in a product in Etsy Shop Manager (without removing or adding a new option)

- Add a new variant to a product in your Etsy Shop Manager (the new added variant will be created, but not connected to us, you can connect it by going to the Product Hub, Etsy tab and clicking on Link Etsy Product button to connect it)

- Update shipping options, Product title, images, description, category, renewal options, other optional product info, section, tags, materials, production partners, SKU names, quantity or prices for the product variants in Etsy Shop Manager

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our amazing partner support team at