While some details are still being handled, specifically related to updated product and shipping pricing for certain products, our entire team is working to ensure that your customers feel minimal impact from this unfortunate situation.


Your order items that have been submitted to Colorado Timberline and have not yet shipped to your customers are our top priority.

We are working to ensure that these orders are routed to another vendor to fulfill on your behalf, and we will get them to your customers as quickly as possible. A slight disruption to the normal production turnaround time of four business days is to be expected.


Throughout the year, the entire Gooten team has been working to ensure that you are protected against issues with any single vendor and can maintain ongoing operations regardless of any incidents such as this.  The Gooten network provides production redundancy and a team working on your behalf to keep your business up, running and fulfilling.


We are confident that this is an isolated incident, and that the rest of the Gooten vendor network is strong. For your reference, all products formerly fulfilled by Colorado Timberline are listed here.

As always, our Partner Support team is here with any questions you may have.