After logging in to Gooten, please navigate to the "Product Hub" tab. When you select a product you want to offer through our platform, you will be asked to upload your design and after that, you will be able to download the mockup that has been generated. Please see the video below:

We offer templates for some of our most popular products here.  


We've recently released a brand new patent-pending product mockup and marketing technology which will not just include the individual product creation but will also give you different stylistic backdrops and vignettes to showcase your products. Originally, you will only see our Studio Minimal backdrop which gives you a completely clean white background. As time goes on, ProPreviews will have options for lifestyle photos and other studio shots. Right now, this technology is available for our mugs and other cylindrical products. 

As the months roll on, we will launch the ability for you to buy packs of ProPreviews sample products to use in your own branded photoshoots and upload into your Gooten Hub or utilize via the Gooten API.