Unfortunately, Gooten cannot guarantee that any of our products are vegan. 

While the products we offer are not necessarily vegan, we do have programs in place with our top vendors to aggressively tackle environmental waste and sustainability concerns. For example, Gooten supports internal recycling programs that reduce production waste and many of our vendors also use organic cleansers to cure garments or materials. Our apparel vendor has used vegetable-based offset inks -- which are just as vibrant and reliable -- to replace their old, petroleum-based counterparts. This same vendor also requires that all of their papers come from responsibly forested land and focus on adding garment stock that contains recycled content.

We're animal & planet lovers, so we continue to do our best to support manufacturers who prioritize sustainability and conservation alongside print quality and efficiency. 

Learn more about inks used in our apparel printing process below: 

For DTG process, we use Kornit inks for our direct to garment printing that are specific to our manufacturers' presses. These are all water based inks. Offset inks are for paper printing and water based inks can be used for DTG or screen print production. Read more about Kornit inks here.

When it comes to home decor, our vendors have confirmed that they do not test on animals and that no animal byproducts are used to make the inks.