If you ordered a shirt that’s currently out of stock and we can’t get it within the correct time frame, we will replace the model you selected with a comparable garment, so that your order doesn't get delayed. 

The below models have a comparable blank t-shirt available at the vendor, which will occasionally be swapped if a stocking issue arises:

  • Gildan 2000 - swapped with Gildan 5000

  • Bella+Canvas 3001 - swapped with Next Level 3600

  • Bella+Canvas 3413 - swapped with Next Level 6010

  • Anvil 939 -  swapped with Rothco 8777 

  • DT6501 - swapped with DM1170L

  • Tultex 0213 in Red - swapped with Gildan 64000L

For more details about the available replacement colors, please check out this document

The rest of the apparel models (including sweatshirts and hoodies) will not be swapped, and here you can see our stocked and non-stocked garments. Additionally, please check out this article for more information about our stocking tiers and production times.

If you’re not happy with the replacement shirt, we can offer you a 50% credit for the affected order.