The standard production turnaround time for our US based apparel products is 3-4 business days and we do offer tracking information for all apparel shipments from our US vendors. However, if you placed an order for an item that’s currently out of stock, the production time can take up to 7 business days, because our vendor needs to place an order for the blank, then wait for a day or two to receive it and then print it out in the next few days, which is where the delay kicks in. Additionally, in rare instances where the original order gets misprinted or damaged during printing, another batch has to be ordered directly from the shirt manufacturer, which leads to further delays. For more information about our apparel stocking and production times, please check out this article.
To avoid these types of situations, we recommend ordering the following stocked models: 

  • Tultex 202

  • Tultex 0213

  • Bella+Canvas 3001

  • Gildan 2000

The full list of stocked and non-stocked garments is available here