Across all of our apparel offerings, we have two levels of fulfillment and production timeframes. Our standard production time for apparel is 3-4 business for the items our manufacturers keep in stock, but we also allow our partners to sell items that are not kept on-site at the vendors’ facilities. We call these products “non-stock” apparel. 

Two Tiers of Apparel Stocking:

Stocked Apparel: These are items that are available almost always, barring any unforeseen circumstances such as a nationwide shortage of a specific shirt. 

This type of garment typically takes up to 3-4 business days to be printed and if a delay occurs, we will upgrade your shipping method at no additional charge. If the order for a factory stock garment spends more than 4 business days in production, you will receive expedited shipping as a courtesy for the delay. If the order doesn’t get shipped on the 6th business day, we will upgrade the shipping to overnight and if it’s delayed more than that, we will issue a refund for your order and ship it overnight. 

Non-stock Apparel: These are items that we offer in the Gooten catalog, but they’re not kept on-site in the supply rooms at the manufacturer. When an order comes in for a non-stock item, the vendor orders the blank apparel item and ships it to their facility to be printed. 

Non-stock apparel items generally take 2-3 business days to reach our vendor, and then another 3-4 business days for production. If the vendor does not ship the item to your customer on the 8th business day after placing the order, we will upgrade the shipping at no additional cost to you.


Please note that given our wide array of apparel products, we do not keep all colors of a specific model in stock. As an order for a non-stock color comes in, our vendor has to order it from the manufacturer, which may result in a longer production time for that particular item. To reduce the risk of running into that type of issue, we recommend checking our in stock models here prior to placing your order.