There are two ways to upload artwork on the Design page. The first one is by clicking the Upload Artwork button underneath the SKU on the right hand side. This will allow you to upload all images needed for this SKU.

This means that if you have chosen a product that has more than one side or space to it, you will be able to upload as many images as there are sides/spaces.

For example: If you select a throw pillow, you are able to upload two images (one for each side of the throw pillow). Alternatively, if you choose a calendar, you can upload all 12 images at once.

Please note that if you are creating multiple SKUs, you will have to do this individually for each SKU. To do so, please click on each SKU box individually on the left hand side, then click the upload images button below it.

The second way to upload images to SKUs is by clicking on Bulk Upload Artwork button above the product image on the left hand side of the page. This allows you to do a bulk upload to all SKUs in your list for the space/side you are on. For example, if you have 6 Throw Pillow SKUs and are on the front of the throw pillow, you will be able to upload images to the front of all 6 SKUs. Additionally, if you want, you can upload 6 different images and select the exact SKUs you'd like each image to be applied to.

Please note: If you have many SKUs that have multiple sides/spaces, don't forget to upload to the other spaces by clicking on the side/space name on top of the product image, and then selecting the upload image button underneath the preview image.

When an image is uploaded, there are a few things to consider to ensure the highest quality prints on your products. Some possible issues that can occur include:

  • Image Ratio Mismatch (most common error)

    • The image’s aspect ratio doesn’t match the requirement for the product selected. The ratio can differ at most 1% from the required aspect ratio for the specified SKU.

  • Small Image Size

    • The image is smaller than the recommended resolution, and as a result may be stretched or blurry when printed.

  • Wrong number of input images provided (some SKUs require more than one image, e.g. for images on front and back)

One more thing to remember - while submitting images with the correct image specs is not necessary, if not done correctly the final printed product may not come out as you expected. The image specs we provide are based on the manufacturing partner's recommendation to ensure the highest quality printed product. You can find all necessary specs in our Product Catalog.

The Hub product creation process will let you know when your DPI is too low and we recommend to keep your artwork at or above 300 DPI for optimal printing if you choose to resize your design. 

Each time you upload an image with a lower resolution than recommended, you will get a warning message. If everything is to your liking and you decide to proceed with the image as is, it's possible to save the product.


If your artwork doesn't cover the entire print area, our back-end image processing will automatically add transparent edges to make up for the difference in image size, and update the resolution to the recommended one. Please note that this doesn't mean originally blurry images will become sharper,

In case you have any questions about these features, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Partner Support team at