Preparing a receipt for all orders placed during a certain time period is a simple process and easily tracked on your Gooten admin page, which is why we don’t provide detailed invoices to partners. Just follow these (4) steps:

1. Log into your Gooten Admin account

2. Go to the reports section of the admin panel (see screenshot below).


3. You will be brought to the ‘CSV Export’ screen. On this screen you can:

  • Choose the beginning and end date of the period you would like to cover
  • Filter for only certain order statuses you would like to include 
  • Choose how detailed you want your summary to be by filtering out certain ‘Columns’

4. Once you have chosen the details you want to include in your invoice, click on ‘Export’. When the system has finished processing your file, click ‘Download’ to export the file to your desktop.

Additionally, if you want to access your billing history and the receipts associated with your account, you can find that information under Settings --> Billing.