There are no setup or monthly fees associated with Gooten, and we only charge for the products that are manufactured and shipped. Payment options are based on the checkout payment platform implemented:

Shopify / Etsy/ API / Custom Order Form/Woo Commerce


For orders through these platforms, you accept payment from your customers, and your account is secured with Gooten through a credit/debit card or a Paypal account which is charged at the time of order. We accept all major credit cards. We do not charge your customers directly and all payments from the customers are to be collected by you. Once the order is pushed to production, we charge your selected method of payment for the order total (item+shipping cost listed in the Gooten catalog, not the price you charge your customers). For more information about the product pricing, please see here, and for the shipping, please consult our Shipping Calculator. Based on volume, credit terms can be extended. Please contact our billing team for questions about obtaining a credit application or approval.


Widget / SDK / Mobile


Through these platforms, the checkout is powered by Gooten, with customer payments accepted via all major credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. We charge your customers directly (you set up your own item prices) and on a bi-weekly basis, Gooten directly pays you the partner profit, which is the net proceeds from your customers fewer partner costs (product, shipping and transaction costs). Partner profit payouts are done via ACH or PayPal.


You can view pricing for all of our products in our product catalog. The prices listed include the cost of the good + the cost to print your custom design. For example, you pay us $9.79 for a black Bella 3001 t-shirt with your design printed on the front. You can then sell that product for however much you want! You set your own margins and you only pay Gooten to have the product produced and shipped. 

At this time, we offer volume-based discounts only to our partners generating $250,000+ USD in revenue through our platform. If you believe you qualify for this discount, please contact our billing team