Start by logging into your Gooten account and navigating to the "CSV Order Import" tab on the left. There, you'll find a CSV template to download and fill out. The column descriptions are below.

CSV ordering uploads allow you to quickly submit orders without checking out one-by-one. Our site expects:

  • A CSV file

  • The first row is headers and is ignored

  • Each row includes a separate order item

  • Each order item submitted will be included in the same order

If you're having trouble placing orders or want to chat with someone about how to use the bulk CSV tool, contact an Onboarding Specialist here, or see a quick video tutorial below:

The template requires the following columns (in this order):

  1. ReferenceOrderNumber: Your reference number for this order. If you don’t have internal order numbers, you can use a placeholder (e.g. 1000)

  2. ReferenceOrderItemNumber: Your reference number for this order item. You can use a placeholder here as well.

  3. ShippingMethod: We offer Standard and Expedited for almost all of our products, as well as Overnight for a limited number of products. We typically recommend using Standard as the shipping method.

  4. FirstName: The first name of the recipient for this order.

  5. LastName: The last name of the recipient for this order.

  6. ShippingLine1: The first address line for this order .

  7. ShippingLine2: The second address line for this order.

  8. City: The city for shipping this order.

  9. State/Province: The state/province for shipping this order.

  10. Zip: The zip/region code for shipping this order.

  11. CountryCode: The two-letter country code.

  12. ShippingEmail: The customer's email address (you can use your own instead if you haven't collected the customer's)

  13. ShippingPhone: The customer's phone number (you can use your own instead if you haven't collected the customer's)

  14. FriendlySKU: The Gooten SKU of the product being ordered. You can find this in our Product Catalog by clicking on the variants under "Pricing & Shipping" section, as shown below:

  15. OutputURL: The URL to the design you want to have printed. Please note that the image size needs to match the required image size for a specific product and that we recommend using Dropbox to store your designs and share the URLs. Please note we need a direct URL to the files and get the right URL format, you should simply replace  “” with “” and delete everything after .JPG/.PNG. To find out what's the required image size, please check out our Product Catalog. If the product requires more than one image, like a double-sided product, include all of the URLs for the product on the same line like this: url1;url2;url3. No spaces are allowed.

  16. Quantity: The quantity of this SKU you would like to order in this item.

  17. ThumbnailURL: An optional field that contains the URL of the thumbnail image for this order item

Additionally, please find an example of a filled out CSV attached and if you have any questions, reach out to our Partner Support.