Once you create your first product and place your order, you’re probably wondering what happens next. Learn more below! 

Day 1: Your customer places an order and your API pings ours. We accept the order from you and then hold the order in our system for a two-hour wait period (“pending” time). After those two hours, we automatically route your order to the vendor for production. If your account is not set up for immediate fulfillment, your order will first go to NeedsManualApproval and our team will push it to print manually after review. 


Days 1-5: Our vendors can take up to 4 business days to produce your order before it is shipped. 


Day 3-5: Tracking is appended to your order, it leaves the manufacturer, and heads off to your happy customer! 


Day 5+: Transit time… Depending on the shipping method you chose at the time of placing the order and your location, the delivery itself can take up to 12 business days in the US, or up to 21 business days if you’re shipping products produced in the US internationally.

You can view which items have been shipped and delivered in your admin panel.

Please note that if an order is submitted after 5 pm EST, the next day is considered to be the first day of the production.

Worried that your order is moving too slowly? Don’t be concerned, we have a full team of Operations Analysts that monitor every order in our system and communicate daily with our vendors.  

If you’d like to ask a question about a specific order, feel free to reach out to our friendly partner support.