We do have the option of adding custom inserts to packaging for certain products. This is available for our wall art from the US at this time and will soon be available for apparel. We're adding branding opportunities for inserts in the next few months too. Additionally, if your business is located in the US, we have the opportunity to use your Business name and address on return labels for a large number of our products. You can find a detailed list of all the products that can have your information included here.

Hang tags are not currently an option through our vendor network. We do have the option for custom neck tags for many of our apparel items on a partner by partner basis (that's currently in beta so it's not offered to everyone). If you want to have this option enabled, please reach out to our business development team. The additional cost is $1.50 per shirt. 

When it comes to the packaging, we currently don't offer custom packaging, and you can check the available type per item in our catalog: