The most popular way to offer customizable products to your customers is to do this manually by creating a new product in Shopify and giving it a name such as Customize Your Product. 


These are the steps to follow if you're selling custom products on Shopify but you want to use Gooten Shopify App to automate the order submission to us:

  • Connect your Shopify store to Gooten

  • Reach out to to let us know that you'd like to automate the submission of your orders but all of your artwork is custom

  • A member of our Onboarding or Partner Success team will respond and ask you how long you'd like to have your orders sit in Gooten so you have the opportunity to change the image file. Our recommendation is that you allow for at least 48 hours of what we call Pending time to give yourself ample amount of time to adjust orders

  • Once you've alerted our team that you'll be using this process, you should use the Link product button within the Product Hub to connect your Shopify listings to Gooten. You can use any image you want as a placeholder when connecting products, as you'll later be editing all images anyways before they go into production and are sent to your customers

  • After you link products to us, orders will start flowing into Gooten automatically and you'll be able to view them on the orders page

  • In order to adjust the image file of an order, you need to change its status from Pending to Hold. Orders will only stay in Pending for whatever time you decided on in step #3. Think of Pending  like processing time - this is the amount of time your order sits in Gooten before it goes into production. You need to move orders from Pending to Hold because once you're in the Hold status, you can make edits to the images

  • Once your order is in hold, click on the Images tab within the order and select Change image to replace your file

  • After you've edited your file, your order will cycle into production automatically and you can move on to adjusting other orders!


The upside of this way is that we would receive all of the order information and all you'd need to do is upload a new design. Please note that in order for that to work, your account would need to be set to "Fulfill immediately" (please see more information about that here).

Alternatively, if you would like to offer only some of your products as customizable, these would be the steps:

  • Create a new product in Shopify and give it a name such as "Customize Your Product”. Do not connect this product to Gooten

  • Write a description for your product that prompts your customer to email you with the customization requirements (name, image they want printed, etc.)
  • Collect the necessary information from your customer and receive payment

  • Log-in to your Gooten account and click on the Place an Order tab

  • Place the custom order manually (a short video tutorial about submitting orders manually available here) and input the customer's delivery info

  • Let your customer know the tracking information as soon as it's available!

And finally, if you're tech savvy and comfortable coding, you can look into our API integration instead of using our Shopify app, which will allow you more flexibility and fully automated process.