Guide to Shipping

1. Select Products and Variants

After you've figured out what general types of products you'd like to sell with Gooten, you need to choose which variants of those products will be available in your store. We refer to these variants as "SKUs" -- think of an individual SKU like a barcode for a particular product. Because we have such a large, global network of vendors, there are many product variants to choose from. The most important part of selecting variants (SKUs) is making sure you know which region of the world you want to have your orders fulfilled in. You can find Gooten SKUs in our Product Catalog by clicking on the variants under "Pricing & Shipping" section, as shown below:

You are also able to filter out groups of variants (SKUs) you are interested in based on their manufacturing location and delivery availability. For example, if a product ships "Worldwide from US," that means the product is produced within the US but can be delivered globally. 

If you'd like to see this information in sheet format, check out this useful document, which shows variants (SKUs) sorted by where our vendors are located. 

2. Find Ship Prices  

After you've figured out which products and variants of those products you'd like to sell, you should consult our shipping pricing document to form a baseline price for what you wish to charge your customers. You can check out the shipping prices in our Shipping Calculator

If you plan on offering a product with flat shipping rates, like apparel, infant products, or small accessories, check out this article for pricing details. We're working to transition all of our products to a flat shipping model, so please bear with us while our Accounting team does that math and simplifies the pricing! 

If you are interested in offering your products internationally, please know shipping costs are higher, delivery times are longer (can be up to 21 business days,) and not all products have consolidated shipping (meaning they ship in the same box). We recommend partners create separate International Shipping Zone in Shopify if they anticipate many international orders. Doing so should help ensure your customers are properly charged and aware of the delivery time frames.

3. Set up Retail Ship Prices in Shopify

There are four ways to tackle setting up Shopify shipping rates:

1. Advanced Shipping Rules 

The easiest option would be using Advanced Shipping Rules, an app that gives you a seemingly endless list of shipping options you can choose. The best part is they enable you to fetch rates directly from Gooten and the amount of work you need to do to make it happen is incredibly minuscule. To learn more about setting this app up in your store, please check out this article

2. Weight-based option

When using the ''Weight based'' option, it's important to bear in mind that we are using different carriers for different products, and that the consolidated shipping price of the products is not unique and cannot be precisely calculated only by product weight. Please note Gooten is not responsible for any pricing discrepancies if you select this method, that we are not able to offer product weights for every SKU from our catalog and that we highly recommend using either the Advanced Shipping Rules app or one of the other few shipping options Shopify offers.

If you'd still like to use this option, this is how you can set up your weight-based shipping method:

  • Log into your Shopify store and go to Settings --> Shipping
  • Navigate to the Zones and rates section, click Edit next to the shipping zone that you want to add the rate to or create a new zone if need be 
  • Click on Add rate in the Weight based rates section
  • Select a Name for that particular shipping and please note that the name will be visible to the customers at the checkout
  • Under Range, enter the minimum and maximum weight values for the rate - this rate will be applied to the orders that fall between these values
  • When you proceed to the Rate section, set up the shipping price in the Rate amount field - this is the shipping cost you will charge your customer
  • Click Done and then Save and the bottom of the page

Check out the video below for more information about setting up your Shopify shipping options:

3. Shipping rates by product price

Shopify allows you to set the shipping price based on the price of orders you receive, so you can choose which price triggers which shipping rate.

4. Free Shipping

This option is most commonly recommended and used by our partners. By including the shipping costs in the price of the product, you can remove one more purchasing barrier between you and your customer. These products seem more attractive to the customer, as more often than not once the shipping prices appear at the checkout is when the potential customers drop off without finalizing the purchase.

Important Note

On a final note, please know all your Shopify products will be, by default, fulfilled via Standard delivery method if you're not using Advanced Shipping Rules app. If you wish to expedite delivery for any of the products contact our support team and we will take care of the rest.