The way we charge shipping differs from product to product depending on the vendor location (where the product is printed), carrier used, shipping method, and shipping destination. It is mostly consolidated based on the box items are shipped in - which translates to a number of items = certain weight = a box. 

However for some items, we offer flat rate shipping.

With all of this in mind, we suggest you make sure to consult our shipping pricing when choosing what you wish to charge your customers, in order to find products that work best with your business plan and avoid losing money. You can find the list of all our prices under Shipping in this document.

Another factor you should be mindful of when selecting SKUs you wish to offer is where your target market is, and from which location it best suits your needs to have the orders fulfilled. In our Catalog, under each product, you are able to filter out groups of SKUs you are interested in based on their manufacturing location, and delivery availability. 

There is another useful document when determining which SKUs to offer by Vendor location, but if you are more of a visual type and are interested in where products can be shipped to, you can always take a look at Product Settings > Desired Product > SKU Prices - which shows a world map per a set of SKUs - and their availability.

If you are interested in offering your products internationally, please know shipping costs are higher, delivery times longer (normally up to 21 business days,) and not all products have consolidated shipping. We recommend partners create separate International Shipping Zone in Shopify if they anticipate international orders - to ensure their customers are properly charged and aware of the delivery time frames.

There are three ways to tackle setting up Shopify shipping rates:

  1. Weight based option
    When using the ''Weight based'' option, it's important to bear in mind that we are using different carriers for different products, and that the consolidated shipping price of the products is not unique and cannot be precisely calculated only by product weight. If despite this you wish to charge shipping by weight you can contact our Support Team at with a list of SKUs you are interested in offering and they will provide the requested information. Please note Gooten is not responsible for any pricing discrepancies if you select this method.

  2. Shipping rates by product price
    Shopify allows you to set the shipping price based on the price of orders you receive, so you can choose which price triggers which shipping rate.

  3. Free Shipping
    This option is most commonly recommended and used by our partners. By including the shipping costs in the price of the product, you can remove one more purchasing barrier between you and your customer. These products seem more attractive to the customer, as more often than not once the shipping prices appear at the checkout is when the potential customers drop off without finalizing the purchase. 

On a final note, please know all your Shopify products will be, by default, fulfilled via Standard delivery method. If you wish to expedite delivery for any of the products contact and we will take care of the rest.