You can select one model at a time, but partners often ask, “Can I have multiple models connected to one product? For example, can I connect two different t-shirt brands to one product?”

When you are creating a new product, you can only select one model at a time. However, if you are interested in having multiple models within a single product, we do have a work around.


  • Create a new product in Gooten with one of the models you are interested in having within your product.

  • In Shopify, create/add new variants to link to Gooten later on.

  • After saving those newly created variants, go into your Gooten hub for that store and select to link a product.

  • Select the product name you are working on, select the product you are linking, and select the model you are looking to add.

  • Then go through the rest of the linking process which will follow the same steps as creating a new product.

To see our short video tutorial about linking your existing products, please check out this video.