Shipping prices are calculated by our system automatically based on the customer's location and the shipping method you select at the time of placing the order. The shipping cost combined with the item cost is the total order cost we will charge you when you place your order with Gooten.

You can check our shipping prices through our Shipping Calculator and we also have flat shipping for a number of our products, including apparel printed in the US. Find out more about flat shipping here

  • If you are using Shopify, please check out this article to learn how to configure your shipping costs
  • If you're using our API integration, you'll be able to pull shipping cost estimates through our API for each order. Check out our documentation here to learn how to implement this for your site. 
  • If you're selling on Etsy or submitting orders via our Custom Order Form, you'll be charged shipping on a per order basis and you will be able to select a shipping method that works best for your needs. 

Need help with shipping? Keep reading here or contact a representative of our Partner Support or Onboarding team for more help. 

Shipping Details

The way we charge shipping differs from product to product depending on the following parameters: 

  • Vendor location (where the product is printed)
  • The carrier used
  • The shipping method selected
  • Shipping destination

Shipping is primarily calculated based on the box items are shipped in; boxes can hold a certain number of items, which means there is a certain weight per box. Our shipping fees are based on this "box rate" calculation, other than for the products with flat shipping

With all of this in mind, we suggest you make sure to consult our shipping pricing when deciding what to charge your customers and you can check out the rates in our Shipping Calculator

Additionally, please note that if an order is printed by different vendors (for instance, your order contains a mug and a canvas wrap), you will be charged for two packages, as they are being shipped from two separate locations and can't be consolidated.

Global Fulfillment

Another factor you should be mindful of when selecting the products you wish to offer is where your target market is located, as you may want to have orders sent from a manufacturer located closest to your end customers. In our product catalog, under each product, you are able to filter out groups of variants you are interested in based on their manufacturing location and delivery availability. See below for a screenshot on how to find this information. If you are interested in shipping your products to customers located outside of the US, please keep in mind that shipping costs are higher when sending from US-based facilities, delivery times are longer (can take up to 21 business days due to customs delays), and not all products have consolidated shipping when shipping internationally. 

You can check out this document for the production locations for our products.