Gooten is proud to announce that we can now support the addition of a custom neck label to your garment, which we hope will help you with brand recognition and customer retention. Custom neck labels cost an additional $2 per garment. 

How do I set up custom apparel tags? 

Keep reading for set-up instructions depending on how you're using Gooten. Please note that at this time, we cannot support apparel tags for Shopify store owners or partners who are placing orders manually if they are selling more than one apparel brand. For example, if all of your t-shirts are Bella + Canvas 3001, we can provide custom apparel tags. If you're selling both District and Gildan t-shirts, we're unable to offer you custom apparel tags at this time. 

I'm selling on Shopify or placing orders manually in Gooten...

Wonderful! Our team will need to help you get set up with apparel tags, but it's super easy. Our templates are located here (you can also see a few examples of printed custom tags and an example of a filled out template attached) and you'll need to create a tag for each size of shirt that you're selling. Please make sure that the fabric blend accurately reflects the garment you're selling. Once you have all of your files created, upload the file for each garment size individually to Dropbox or a similar storage platform (we will need a direct URL to the file for each of the sizes you want to offer), fill out the attached CSV file and send it over to our friendly support.

How should my custom apparel tags look like?

  • Your logo should be a high resolution PNG file.
  • By law you must include the country of origin, the size of the garment, and the materials for each t-shirt.
  • Washing instruction icons are recommended as the tag with that information will be removed in order to print your design (we have some you can use here).
  • The final label files must be at or under 2.5 x 3" inches and saved as a PNG. Use our template if you need help getting started. 

I integrated with the Gooten API...

If you connected your store to Gooten using our API, all you need to do is check out the attached documentation called "Neck Tags.pdf" to read how you can add custom apparel tags to your products. 

Need help with set-up? Contact to learn more.