Below is a list and an explanation of the various statuses you may see on orders in your Gooten Admin:

Address Issue: We were unable to verify the customer’s address.

Canceled: The order has been canceled, usually by you updating the status.

Canceled Refunded: The order has been canceled and a refund has been issued to you or the customer.

Delivered: The order has been delivered to the specified address.

Hold: The order has been placed on hold by you or Gooten's CS team.

Hold By Image Issue: This means the manufacturer has grouped certain items together, but one of them has an image issue, so the manufacturer is holding all orders in the group.

Image Issue: There is a problem with the image, so the order is unable to be pushed into production.

In Production: The order has been sent to the manufacturer to be produced.

Manually In Production: A member of the Gooten staff has pushed the order into production.

Needs Manual Approval: Orders are being held for review by the Gooten team. 

New: An order has just been submitted.

Out For Delivery: The order has been packed and waiting for collection by the courier. Once it has been collected the tracking number will then be entered and the order status will then be set to Shipped.

Billed Refunded: The order was not produced and refunded back to you.

Payment Issue: There was an error processing your payment.

Payment Processing: Gooten is missing your billing address, credit/debit card/Paypal info or both. You can update the required information under Settings --> Billing

Pending: The order is in a wait period, where you can make some changes. After around 2 hours, your order will be automatically submitted to production.

Pre-Payment: The user selected Paypal but the transaction has not been completed.

Printing: The manufacturer has received the order and is in the process of printing it.

Ready For Accounting: Your order is in a queue for the payment to be security checked and processed manually. Payment has not been processed yet.

Ready For Image DI: There was an issue accessing the submitted image. Gooten support will download the image and resubmit it.

Shipped: The manufacturer has shipped the order. You can see its current status in the Shipment tab of the Order Details.

Shipping Issue: There was a problem shipping this order. For details, click the tracking link below for more details.

Test: For when partners are testing the API or some other part of the stack.

Vendor API Issue: There was a problem connecting to the manufacturer’s API. Our team will resolve this error.