Our platform is made up of several tech products that fit into three core areas, including a demand-side stack, a core platform stack, and a supply-side stack.

Our Demand-Side stack consists of front-end technology that allows our demand-side participants to provide commerce to their customers or manage their own easy ordering and fulfillment of products. These technology clients sit on top of our API.

Our core Platform stack consists of an Order Management System, a Content Management system, an Order and Data Dashboard, an Email and Communication Engine, and a Micro Services Collection. This stack allows our platform to support multiple data entry points and multiple participant types, and creates a conveyor that manages all orders through each automated step in the process, allowing for automated order fulfillment with full transparency and control.

Our Supply-Side stack consists of a collection of Vendor API Integrations, a Logistics Framework, an Image Manipulation Engine, and a Data Interoperability Engine. This technology stack allows our supply-side participants to receive data automatically and in the correct format and data model.