One aspect many online retailers forget to plan for before the holiday rush is their Search Engine Marketing strategy, which is an essential channel for customer acquisition.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) covers the paid listings that appear on search engines. Platforms such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads allow you to build an effective and enticing ad that persuades holiday shoppers to click on your website over a competitor’s.

  • Having a paid search campaign is critical to drive visitors with purchase intent to your site, here are 9 tips to bring more leads your way this season.

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Create a Promotional Schedule
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important. But your entire holiday promotional schedule shouldn’t revolve around a couple days. The motivation of shoppers changes each week during the holiday season. Earlier in the season people are probably looking for deals. As the holidays get closer, people are looking for easy gift ideas that will ship fast. Adjust your promotional schedule toward the goals and intentions of your audience.

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