Can I change the image once I’ve placed the order?

Yes, you can. If the status of your order says “Ready for Image DL”, “Pending”, “Imageissue”, “NeedsManualApproval”, “Hold”, “VendorAPIIssue” you have the option of changing your image.

Locate the order in our admin system and click the “Images” tab. Below the image, you will see a green “Change Image” button.

Image 1.jpg

Once you’ve clicked that button, a small white window will appear, where you can upload the image directly from your computer or via URL

Image 2.jpg

In case you’re uploading a new image, please make sure the file is up to specs since the automatic crop that was used while you were placing the order is not going to be applied in this case.

Once you upload the image you prefer, you can place your order on hold and let partner support know, so that we can push the order into production. Please note that you cannot change the image once the order changes the status to “In Production”, “Ready For Print”, or “Shipped”.

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  • 25-Apr-2017