Are you integrated with Amazon or Etsy?

We do not have a direct integration with Amazon or Etsy like we do with Shopify, but we support Gooten-Shopify-Amazon integration via the Amazon app in Shopify app store.

If you're using the Amazon app, your Amazon products can be connected to Shopify and further transferred to Gooten.

Please note that if you're building a custom API backend which will forward Amazon orders to Gooten directly, you will need to remove your Shopify Amazon Plugin, otherwise we will be receiving your Amazon orders twice.

Additionally, if you're not a Shopify or an API user, you can still place orders with us by simply submitting a manual order. Create an account and you can then get started with your one-off order.

If you need to apply for Etsy Manufacturing Approval, please contact our partner support at to get that started.

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  • 24-Oct-2017