My customer didn't receive their order, can you send them a new order?

If the tracking information says that the order was delivered, a reprint or a refund would be at your discretion. This happens with less than 0.1% shipments, and we may be able to file a claim on your behalf, but in a number of cases claims are denied even when we believe we have the right outcome.

If an order is lost in transit and the shipping address you entered is correct, we will reprint and reship that order at our cost.

However, we will need to wait for the transit time to pass before we submit a new order:

Standard shipping - 12 business days
Expedited shipping - 5 business days
Overnight shipping - 2 business days
International shipping - 21 business days

If you entered an incorrect or incomplete address, we will either need to wait for the order to be returned to the vendor and reship it at your cost, or you could place a new order to reduce delivery time.

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  • 24-Apr-2017