What is your sample policy?

We have two separate sample policies, one for General users and one for Shopify users:

Shopify Sample Policy

If you’ve connected to Gooten through our shopify app you are eligible for a $25 sample credit. To receive the credit, all you need to do is connect 10 images to Gooten products. Once you have 10 products connected, place your sample order and email our support team at partnersupport@gooten.com with the order number. Once the support team reviews your account, they will provide a $25 refund to your account. Refunds can only be provided for one order.

General Sample Policy

When you purchase a sample product, Gooten will refund you for that purchase once you place your first real customer order for that same product.

* The ship to address must be a customer address and not your own.


You, the partner, order samples of:

(1 qty) 50x60 fleece blanket

(1 qty) 8x10 framed print

(2 qty) 11x14 canvas wraps; one in white wrap and one in black wrap


You then submit live customer orders for:

(1 qty) 50x60 fleece blanket

(1 qty) 12x18 framed print

(1 qty) 16x20 canvas wrap

Gooten will refund you for:

The fleece blanket in your sample order
The 8x10 framed print
One of the 11x14 canvas wraps
*the refund includes only the item price, not the shipping price

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  • 14-Jul-2017