What steps are involved in creating a Print Ready Product?

Creating products is done by creating Print Ready Products within your Gooten admin page and linking those created Print Ready Products through your WooCommerce product creation page.

1. Be sure you are logged into your Gooten account:

2.  Clicking the button to 'Build a Print Ready Product' takes you to the Create New Print Ready Product screen.  You will then select the product you want, and fill in the appropriate information:

3.  Upload your design from your saved computer files.  (Accept any ratio warning notifications or crop if needed before moving to the next step)

4.  Click on Select SKU and choose the Stock Keeping Unit you wish to name and connect to your WooCommerce store.

5.  Once all product details are complete click Create New Print Ready Product.

6.  Link the product to your WooCommerce store by going into WooCommerce, and selecting the product from the Product Data drop down menu:

6.  Put in your product details and click Publish.

It will then immediately be available to your customers for purchase.