What is your sample policy?

We have two separate sample policies, one for General users and one for Shopify users:

General Sample Policy

When you purchase a sample product, Gooten will refund you for that purchase once you place your first real customer order for that same product.

  • * The ship to address must be a customer address and not your own

You the partner order samples of:

(1 qty) 50x60 fleece blanket

(2 qty) 8x10 framed prints; one in white wrap and one in black wrap

(1 qty) 11x14 canvas wrap

You then submit live customer orders for:

(1 qty) 50x60 fleece blanket

(1 qty) 8x10 canvas wrap

(1 qty) 11x14 framed print

Gooten will refund you for:

  • The fleece blanket in your sample order
  • One of the 8x10 framed prints
  • The 11x14 canvas wrap

Shopify Sample Policy

If you are a Shopify partner and have connected 3 different products to the Gooten platform for either a mug, phone case, or apparel product, you are entitled to a free sample. In order to receive the sample(s) please email Partnersupport@gooten.com and inform them that you have created 3 of the above products, and our support team will create your sample order.


You connect 2 t-shirts, 3 mugs, and 3 cell phone cases to Gooten through Shopify;

You then email partner support informing them of the products you’ve connected, asking for samples of the connected products, and providing them with an image of what you want printed;

You are eligible to receive:

1 Mug sample

1 Phone Case sample

If you want a sample t-shirt you would need to connect 1 more t-shirt product to your store in order to meet the minimum of having 3 of those products connected

Include in email to partner support:

  • 1. Partner order number + sample order number id

  • 2. Customer order number + order number id that corresponds to the same product sample

  • 3. How you paid so we can refund you

Email partnersupport@gooten.com within 30 days of your live customer orders being placed.

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  • 25-Oct-2016