What is your sample policy?

We have two separate sample policies, one for General users and one for Shopify users:

General Sample Policy

When you purchase a sample product, Gooten will refund you for that purchase once you place your first real customer order for that same product.


You order samples of:

  • (1 qty) 16x16 tote bag
  • (1 qty) 10x10 acrylic print or (2qty) 10x10 canvas wrap (black and white)
  • (1 qty) laptop cover 10inch

You then submit live customer orders for:

  • (1 qty) 9x9 tote bag
  • (1 qty) 8x10 acrylic print (or 12x16 canvas image wrap)
  • (1 qty) laptop cover 13 inch

 * The ship to address must be a customer address and not your own

Gooten will refund you for:

  • 16x16 tote bag,
  • 10x10 acrylic print or 10x10 canvas wrap
  • laptop cover 10inch

Send an email to partner support with the following info:

  1. Sample order number
  2. Customer order number that corresponds to the same product sample

Email partnersupport@gooten.com within 30 days of your live customer orders being placed.

Shopify Sample Policy

By connecting your store to Gooten and connecting at least 10 products, you are eligible for a $25 credit toward your first sample order. Place your sample order using our Manual Order Form, then simply contact our support team with the order number, and they will provide you a $25 credit on that order.  A credit can only be issued for one sample order, even if the cost of that order is less than $25.

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  • 13-Mar-2017